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Shibuya, Kanazawa and Koenji
Meeting up with Q'Hey at Haneda Airport, we flew to Kanazawa. He told me the prefecture is his hometown. That day I had a hangover because I had a lot of drinks at Club Asia the night before. Maybe it was the first time in over a year. I went to bed instantly when I arrived in Kanazawa.

The promoter took me to a dinner. It's a local place which has plenty of food from this area. Great stuff! The party went well with Q'Hey. I went out to look for a breakfast place after the party was over in the morning with him.

The next day I headed to Koenji straight after arriving in Haneda. This was for the talk show I mentioned about last time. I used to pass Koenji station when I was a student but never got off then. Walking around a bit, I felt kinda rock'n roll atmosphere which is typical in this area. I mean, you can see many rock'n roll people here.

The venue, Enban, is a small record shop. I ran into the packed crowd and started the talk show right away. I talked with a music journalist Dai Onojima. I have been interviewed by him a couple of times and we shared some of our music roots, which led us to talk on for three hours! Normally it's such a long time, but time passed so fast as I introduced many records I loved when I was a student and talked about those and that time. It was much fun. I hope the crowd were enjoying it. Plus, thanks to the people who gave me some gifts.

This pic is a cover of one of the records I introduced at the talk show. Actually I haven't heard it for 10 years at least. THE classic of EBM (electronic body music), Ministry's Stigmata 12" - very destructive music!


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