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Hong Kong
It's been years since I visited the city. I just searched internet for when & where I played there last time. Found out it was in 2002, at HITEC with Heigo Tani and DJ Yama. It was fun, I remember. Anyway I again feel time flies...

The travel to Hong Kong was a nightmare! First I flew from Bilbao Spain to Frankfurt. Then 5 hour transit...I watched my DVD "The Wrestler" to kill time. Wow it's a great film as reviews say. I used to like pro wrestling too...

Then, took a long flight for Frankfurt - Tokyo. 12 hours. I tried to get some sleep. Another transit in Tokyo Narita for 4 hours. I took a shower at ANA Lounge. It's a private shower room and it's really comfortable. I have become a Diamond member of ANA but this was the first time for me to use it.

Now, 5 hours to Hong Kong, finally. I was greeted by Ray the promoter. Driven to Tsimshatsui, I checked in a hotel at around midnight. This means I had been travelling for 30 hours to get here. Oh no... We had some noodles nearby and went to the club straightaway. No time to rest!

The venue, Sugar, got a decent turnout even on a week night. The atmosphere was cool. I heard the club scene has been not so active compared to the '90's and this is the only good music oriented club. Funny I got a request for playing Michael Jackson, sorry I couldn't make it...hehe.

After the party, we went to other tiny club to get some drinks. Then I went back to the hotel and fell asleep like DEAD.


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