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June so far
Finishing the last day of May with playing at the WOMB Cruise party (great and fun party although the weather wasn't good), I got into studio for a while.

It was for track/loop making for an iPhone application, a new track for WIRE09 compilation, doing some parts for a special readers collaboration project for my 15th anniversary hosted by Sound & Recording Magazine and MySpace, and so on. I stayed in Japan for a month - it's been a while since I stayed in the country so long.

I played for a bit different party, by the way. An after party for "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen"'s world premiere. It is a typical "celeb" party. I took a picture with Japanese super celeb sisters Kano Shimai. Fun!

The other parties - Crossgate at Unit had a cool underground vibe. Then a week later I played as a guest DJ for The Sunpaulo's party called Wisdom. The Sunpaulo is a band and the crowd were a real good mix with rock fans and dance fans that night. The reaction was superb from the beginning to the end. Taiji and Mori from the band, Y from the venue Club Asia and I were feeling great and had lots of champaign...

Finally, my "WARRIOR ON THE DECKS" will be released next week in Japan. I have done much promotion for the last three weeks.

Uhh well, Wanderlei Silva was defeated again, but I still love his attitude for fight. Really respect it. Actually, "The Axe Murderer" - my new track included on this mix album - this title is from his very nickname!


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