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Second half of May
Finishing the mastering of WARRIORS ON THE DECKS at M's Disk, I flew to Europe again.

Girona in Spain. A beautiful city in Catalunya, about an hour drive from Barcelona, where I have visited many times in the last 10 years. A big festival was being held over the weekend when I was there this time. In its old part of the city there were hundreds of artistic flower expositions in most of all the traditional monuments. The city is originally nice and it gets even prettier when this festival happens. Recommended for tourism.

My party happened at Blau for the second time since a year ago. It was an amazing atmosphere! The promoter introduced me a guy who's half Japanese and half Catalunyan. I thought it was a rare combination. He told me his father was sent to the country at 21 years old in order to teach karate to local people and settled down.

Actually, Lyoto Machida, who just won the championship of UFC light heavy weight, is a son of a Japanese guy who came all the way to Brazil to open a karate dojo. What a wonderful pioneer spirit karate has!

Then I stayed in Barcelona for a few days to relax myself and flew to Belgium. Got quite a nice weather in Antwerp. It's not a common thing in this country. I was lucky during this tour as I had a nice weather everyday in every country. The venue of the night is Noxx. I have a great memory about this place - I was watching a kick boxing / MMA show there and got suddenly invited to get on the ring to give a prize to one of the fighters! I was playing in the second floor and it wasn't busy but I was personally happy to see J-P, a long time friend of mine, happening to do sound engineering for the club that night.

Taking Thalys train to get to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For about two hours and a half. Again, an unusual nice weather everyday made me have a walk a lot in the city. The event is a mid sized indoor festival called ROCKIT in Utrecht. I arrive there after a half hour drive and I saw Stacey Pullen playing. When I finalized the whole event and got out of the building, it was already in the morning and great weather.

Off to the airport a few hours later to fly back to Japan. The next day I went to Yokohama Arena to watch DREAM.9 which I was looking forward to. Tokoro vs Cullum was a amazing match!

The photo is taken in Girona.


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