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It feels like I was very busy in this May.

Getting back home from Europe, it was already Golden Week in Japan. First I played at Air for the first edition of my own 15th anniversary parties. This was AMAZING. It was a complete vibe of the music and the crowd. I played many of my old tracks as well as some 20 years old Chicago house classics. I will do a few more anniversary parties over this year in Japan. Be there!

Then I played for Ageha's GW special two days later. I enjoyed it myself too. I felt relaxed after I was done at the main stage and went to the tent to support Q'hey that was playing at that time. There I ended with drinking tequila with friends for some reason and we enjoyed the party until the very end. Finally I was taken up to the stage and played a few tracks with Q'hey...

Just after GW in Japan, I went to China. As I cancelled my last China tour including Kiko's wedding party due to the SERIOUS food poisoning, I was trying my best to keep my health condition this time. First flew to Shanghai and met with Mickey Zhang at the airport. By the way, he just remixed my new track and it will be included in the mix album.

The venue is M2 where I have played twice and both times were quite successful. This time the turnout was even greater. This club looks to target rich crowd to order lots of champaign(!) but I love them because they like techno, not usual house stuff! I played longer than scheduled. Then I went to another place to had one drink to finish the night.

The next day Kiko, who joined us at M2, Mickey and I flew to Beijing with Air China. Off to Tango after dinner and rest. The scene in Beijing is not as flashy as one in Shanghai, but I like it as I get a nice musical vibe from the crowd there. I finalised the night on back to back with Mickey. Actually, that day was my birthday. Somebody came in front of the DJ booth while I was playing and he showed me paper boards flipping one by one. Those said H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y-! in Japanese. How sweet! Thank you.

Got a wake-up call from Mickey next day. He took me to Area 798, the contemporary art village in Beijing. I originally like to see the art stuff and this whole area impressed me a lot - it used to be an industrial area and it's turned to be full of art galleries, exhibition halls, cafes and shops in those old factory buildings. I have been curious about this area since a couple of years ago through magazines so it was a nice invitation. I can't tell the details but it was much fun to visit there. I want to go back.

The snap was shot there.

And now, between these tour dates, I worked hard in studio and completed "WARRIOR ON THE DECKS"! I fully used turntables, CDJs and ProTools this time. Please buy and have a listen!


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