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Spanish trip
I have been flying to Spain almost every month or two for the last couple of years. Mostly for the clubs and parties which repeat to book me, and I often stay in Barcelona or Madrid as a base. I went to new destinations the other day, though.

First, I flew from Barcelona to Leon, in the middle of the country, and was driven for about two hours, including the driver's mistake on a wrong road :-). Then I arrived in a small town called O Barco near a bigger town Orense in Galicia. It looks like an everybody-knows-everybody sized town. Sweet. The venue, Sambo, is like a pub rather than a club. It's fun to play at a place like this sometimes.

The next day I was driven back to Leon airport to take flights for Pamplona. The destination was Basik Tech Club, located in a village called Cintruenigo in Navarra region, famous for its asparagus! There are large clubs all over the country and they are often located in a desolate area. This club is like this. However, they have international DJs almost every weekend.

I found the promoter at Basik to be a serious MMA fan. I was glad, as it's not common in this country, as well as Europe. We had a brief chat and I saw his passion. He knows UFC, of course, DREAM and even Shooto very well. We were excited to talk on Hayato Sakurai vs Shinya Aoki!

Then the next morning, I was driven to San Sebastian in Basque region. Took us two hours. The views from the car were beautiful on the road. I took three planes to fly back to Tokyo on that day. 24 hours door to door! I must be tough for that...


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