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New project by Ken Ishii launched - Ken Ishii presents Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas

Ken Ishii's smash hit of last year, 'Right Hook', comes back with new groundbreaking remixes by the quality talents in his league from Japan - Publicmind who's been supporting Ken's live shows for years and recently remixed System 7, and DJ Yama who's the director of Sublime Records. Pre sales on / in September on


Right Hook 2011 Remixes

Ken Ishii's new challenge for advanced crossover electronic music! It kicks off with a digital EP 'MUSIC FOR DAYDREAMS EP' on iTunes Store Japan, having two mixes of 'After The Rainstorm (feat. Jazztronik)'. Jazztronik's beautiful pianos on [Ken Ishii's Total Silence Mix] and its uplifting atmosphere on [Yogurt & Koyas Remix] are notable. These two mixes won't be included on the forthcoming album.


Ken Ishii at Otodama Sea Studio - Again this year!




Italian supercar makers Lamborghini proudly sponsor red-hot fashion/DJ event "Tokyo Fashion Fuse 5" - the biggest and glitziest to date - at the stunning Tokyo Bay venue "Tabloid" in Hinode on August 20.

more info.

Event producers Street Level bring you an amazing line-up of of talent including Japan's world-famous techno DJ king Ken Ishii and model/DJ Van Cliffe.D/Elli-Rose, with Womb resident Satoshi Otsuki and Romanian bomber Dani Savant also in the house!

Models including 2008 Miss Universe Japan Hiroko Mima and TFF favourites Mitsuyo Uesaka, Naomi Obata, Ayaka Hanawa and Marie Igarashi will be joined by the fabulous Kikka from Tokyo Collection, plus a secret guest model!

A summer celebration showcasing the latest cool looks from Italian brand Pinko and jaw-dropping San Francisco designer Phuong My. Tokyo Bay. Rainbow Bridge. Lots of glam. Killer sounds. Room for 1,300 people. DON'T MISS IT!!! FOX TV shooting a special TFF5 episode for Fox Backstage Pass!!!

Next to Hinode station on Yurikamome Line. Near Hamamatsu-cho station (JR) and Tennozu-Isle (Monorail). Just 10 minutes from Roppongi by taxi!!!

Follow us on twitter @streetlevelTFF


REEL UP - 07.16.2011 (SAT) @ WOMB

Ken Isii & Yama's legendary party 'REEL UP' is back!! One of the oldest existing parties in Japan, started in '94, comes back with Christian Smith as the main guest.

>> Full lineup here.

Ken Ishii Live at WIRE11

Ken's doing his rare live performance! Saturday 27 August at Yokohama Arena.Follow the link for the details.
Link >> WIRE11


Brand New Single - 'Pounding Out'

Ken's bass pounding new track 'Pounding Out' is now released on Angel Alanis's label, Slap Jaxx. Ken and Angel decided to donate all proceeds from this release to Japan relief. Check Beatport!

>> Beatport


BPM JAPAN Charity Album Vol.1

Let's cheer Japan up with dance music all over the world! BPM JAPAN, the Japan relief project! Ken contributed his brand new recorded 'GM Tube'. All proceeds of this compilation will be donated to the stricken areas through Japanese Red Cross.

01 Ken Ishii / GM Tube
02 A.Mochi / Stroke (Be Positive Mix)
03 Marco Bailey & Tom Hades / Mars
04 Hardfloor / In Acid We Trust
05 TOKTOK / 12.34pm
06 Gabriel Ananda / Whats Up Pussy
07 Dominik Eulberg and Laura Dunnwald / Kibo
08 Jeans Team / Cocktailstander (Lince Dub)
09 Loco and Jam / Arma
10 Planetary Assault Systems / Radiance (Unreleased1996 Drone Sector Track)
11 Alex Bau / Tears Of Meji
12 TECHRiDERS / Old Ladies in The Elevator
13 Mijk Van Dijk / The World Is Beside You
14 Axel Karakasis / Breathe
15 Sugiurumn / Forward
16 Osamu M & Hiromat / The Gleam
17 Pascal FEOS & Frank Leicher / Japan
18 Thomas Schumacher / Hier oder im Drueben
19 Cristian Varela / Valdir II (Dedicated To Japan)
20 Akiko Kiyama / Sleeping

Many thanks to all the artists who take part in the project, it's such a great line up! We are 100% sure it's a good album enough to appeal to many music fans.

Like the previously released album sampler EP, the cover art is exclusively drawn by Katsuhito Ohtomo, who's known worldwide as the director of the epoch-making film 'AKIRA'

Official HP:
Twitter: @BPMJAPAN

Tokyo Midtown Galleria BGM Autumn 2010 - 'Risers in the Fall'

Ken Ishii produces and mixest the BGM series for Tokyo Midtown Galleria, the trendiest shopping/restaurant/hotel complex in Roppongi Tokyo, for all seasons of 2010. Now the autumn edition is on.

This webpage is in Japanese but you can check the tracklisting at least.
Link >> Soundspace-Tokyo Midtown



Ken Ishii's 15th Anniversary + Womb 10th Anniversary = 'KI15W10'. Digitally released on iTunes Store and Wasabeat!

In 2009, as one of the Ken Ishii 15th Anniversary projects, there was 'KI15 Collaboration Contest' on MySpace Japan and Sound & Recording Magazine. One of the set pieces, Ken Ishii's "Right Hook" is now reconstructed by his friends, as well as by Ken himself. DJ Aki & Takeo and Techriders are the resident DJs from Tokyo's leading club WOMB, which are having their 10th Anniversary this year. DJ Hi-Shock, the boss of Australia's finest Elektrax Recordings, and the homegrown technohead brothers Jin & Go Hiyama join this project to make the package even more exciting!

Ken Ishii / Right Hook
Ken Ishii / Right Hook (feat. Techriders)
Ken Ishii / Right Hook (feat. DJ Aki & Takeo)
Ken Ishii / Right Hook (feat. DJ Hi-Shock)
Ken Ishii / Right Hook + Rear Naked Choker (feat. Jin Hiyama & Go Hiyama)

>> iTunes

>> wasabeat

Tokyo Midtown "Galleria" Soundscape by Ken Ishii

From April 2010, Ken ishii produces a soundscape of Tokyo Midtown's Galleria shopping complex in Roppongi, Tokyo. Ken selects and mixes the most cutting edge easy listening music exclusively for the huge space of Tokyo Midtown for every season.

The tracklisting and Ken's comments are on Tokyo Midtown website's 'Soundscape' page (Japanese only). Keep a close eye on the new world of Ken Ishii collaborating with Tokyo Midtown!

Link >> Soundspace-Tokyo Midtown



"Daybreak Reprise - SUNRISER Remixed -" Worldwide release!

The double remix album of SUNRISER sees an international release at last. In February 2010, on Beatport and junodownload.


The Axe Murderer

The first single by Ken Ishii in 2010. 'The Axe Murderer', also included as a new recording on on of Ken's KI15 best albums, "KI15 - The Episodes", is now cut as a single which contains 4 mixes strictly designed for dancefloor.

On top of Ken's original mix, it comes with remixes by Mickey Zhang who's a techno pioneer of Beijing, China and the award winning new comers of Ken Ishii Collaboration Contest which took place in 2009, such as Fumihiro Hoshi and Shin Matsura.

>> iTunes

Ken Ishii's first ever Best Albums!


KI15 - The Best of Ken Ishii


The Works + The Unreleased & Unexpected


Reel Up '09 - Ken Ishii 15th Anniversary Party

After a few year blank, Ken Ishii & Yama presents "Reel Up" is coming back to WOMB. This edition is a part of Ken Ishii's 15th Anniversary special events. Great line-up at the Friends Lounges too!

Ken Ishii vs Image TransFormer (iPhone App)


Your photos will turn into a music video of Ken Ishii! The motion graphics by Yu Maruno from GLMV.
Released on 28 August 2009. Search for "kenishii" on iPhone/App Store.


Maniac Beach 2009
Ken's second appearance at MB!

Otodama - 15 August 2009


Bugged-in Fusion - New Items Summer 2009
The first items are "No.1 Techno" and "Mirror Ball Smiley".
To be initially released at Fuji Rock Festival site on 18-20 July!


15th in Japan Anniversary Blog
Just launched! (In Japanese at the moment)


KI plays at WIRE again. Yokohama Arena on Saturday 29 August.


70 Drums on Beatport
Ken Ishii's back catalogs on 70 Drums are now available on digital. Three albums are released on Beatport - "Future In Light", "Interpretations for Ken Ishii - Future In Light Remixed", and "SUNRISER".
"Daybreak Reprise - SUNRISER Remixed" will be on sale in the summer.


Cover of Ken's New Mix Album
This is the cover of "WARRIOR ON THE DECKS - PLAY, PAUSE AND PLAY 2-"!
Based on an actual photo of Ken with a real antique suit of Japanese armor on. Artwork by Bugged-in Fusion.


Ken Ishii's 15th Anniversary in Japan
This year, 2009, is the 15th year since Ken made his record debut in Japan. The first thing he gives for the anniversary is the kick-off party at Air on 3 May. Then it's followed by the forthcoming mix album "WARRIOR ON THE DECKS - PLAY, PAUSE AND PLAY 2 - ", mentioned here earlier.

Ken Ishii Remixes Orlando Voorn's 'Dope Computer'
On 1 July of 2009, Ken's new mix album will be released in Japan. It is titled "WARRIOR ON THE DECKS - PLAY, PAUSE AND PLAY 2 -", which is a follow-up to the smash hit mix album "PLAY PAUSE AND PLAY" in 2005 with a different musical approach. On Sublime Records. More details to be informed.

Ken Ishii's 7 Hour Set on NYE at AIR!



Ken Ishii Remixes Orlando Voorn's 'Dope Computer'
A Detroit techno classic 'Dope Computer' by Fix, Orlando Voorn's legendary project, which was originally released on Kevin Saunderson's KMS in '92, is now remixed by Ken Ishii. 12" to be released on Orlando Voorn's own label, Nightvision.

Apology for the cancellation in China - 8 December 2008

I would like to apologise here to the fans and the promoters for the cancellation of my China tour on last weekend.

I became sick all of a sudden just before leaving Japan on Friday.Went to a doctor straightaway and it was found out to be serious food poisoning - with an intense fever and headache, I could hardly move then... It's getting better slowly now though.

Sorry for this time. Hope to see you guys, as I will make it next time for sure!


Play & Produce
On Saturday 22 November, Play & Produce takes place at Vooruit in Gent, Belgium. A day of workshops, information sessions, master classes and talks with national and international top DJs and producers. Ken Ishii introduces monumental pieces of electronic music from '60's to late '80's.


GSXR 810 Remixes by Adam Beyer and Ken Ishii

Apotek Records serves up the "GSXR 810" Remixes featuring Techno icons Adam Beyer and Ken Ishii.
This track originally produced by Jerome Sydenham for his Nagano Kitchen project has now been subject to tremendous reworks by 2 legendary Techno icons. Adam Beyer's body of work needs no introduction. He applies his excellence to "GSXR 810" with searing Techno beats tweaked with an barrage of sound effects and topped off with a subtle futuristic rave complexity. The results are nothing less than groundbreaking. Ken Ishii, the overlord of the Japanese Techno scene, makes a rare appearance on a European label. On this journey he takes us into the bowels of deep Techno. Big kicks and deep melodic stabs also gives this remix a Tech-House appeal which rounds off a stunning 12 Inch and makes for a great overall package.

more >>


Ken Ishii remixes ZAMPA505 "Aurora Express"
Groovy and tribal house music with moving filtered synth by ZAMPA505.
Includes Ken Ishii Remix. On Groovin'High Records.

Search for ZAMPA 505 or Ken Ishii on Beatport!

beatport >>

KI New Remix Album - Daybreak Reprise - SUNRISER Remixed -
Following KI's last original album in 2006 'SUNRISER', he is releasing a remix album of it. Remixes only by the artists Ken has his sympathy and respect with, such as Los Hermanos, Jerome Sydenham, Orlando Voorn, Fabrice Lig, Spirit Catcher, 7th Gate and more! A 2CD pack including a disc with the separate remixes and the other with Ken Ishii's DJ mix of all the tracks. To be released on 6 August 2008 in Japan.



Deck Tripper on Web - Ruins in Turkey
KI wanders in the ruins around Kusadasi. Japanese language movie on GHTV..

Groovin' High :

Ken Ishii on DEATH NOTE
DEATH NOTE ~ DEATH NOTE the Last name ~ L change the WorLd original soundtrack "Triple Club Re-Mix"
Ken's remix is included on this remix album of the mega hit Japanese film series "DEATH NOTE" soundtracks.

vap >> - japanese language only


Fine : The Best of Frogman
Frogman Records, one of the leading labels in the Nippon techno history, compiles their best releases in the last 14 years. Includes. Kagami - Y (Ken Ishii Remix) of '96. - japanese language only


Flare on EYE "RE...REMIX?"
"Re-Grip"('96) - a remix album of "Grip" by Ken Ishii's experimental
alias "Flare" - got into the news of the early Japanese electronic
music scene for its non-compromise selection of the remixers.
"Turbinates - EYE Mix" on this album is now included on "RE...REMIX?"
by EYE, an album of his own remix works so far. - japanese language only


Sunriser Remixes 12"
The title track of the album SUNRISER with remixes is released on 12"
format in late January. The remixers are Spirit Catcher from Belgium,
KI's sub project FLR, and a new comer from Japan PUBLICMIND. On 70


Tokyo Smart Music ~Drive for You~
The CD with good music which reduces car accidents in Tokyo
Metropolitan motorways" is released in Japan on Sony Records Japan.
"Theme From Tokyo Smart Driver", produced exclusively for this media
campaign by KI, is included on this CD.

Tokyo Smart Driver : - japanese language only

Deck Tripper on Web - Istanbul
Special feature on KI travels to Istanbul, Turkey.

Groovin' High :

Event Report: Standard 8 x CLASH27
At Groovin' High Website. Text in Japanese but a few movies included.

Groovin' High :

Ken Ishii on MySpace
Ken is online sometimes...

MySpace :

Unreleased Mix of "Sunriser"
The title track of the album SUNRISER is now remixed by Ken himself.
"Sunriser (Ken Ishii's Planet View Remix) included on WIRE07
Compilation by Ki/oon Records.

WIRE07 :

TIDA NU YURU (Ken Ishii Remix) by RYUKYUDISKO is included on their
latest album "R3" (Ki/oon). Double vinyl to be released as well.


Deck Tripper on Web
Just started in Special Pages on Groovin' High website! The web edtion of Ken Ishii's radio program Deck Tripper now presents photos and movies from his trips from all over the world. The first issue is from Macedonia.

Groovin' High Top :
"Deck Tripper on Web" :

Genius Party Extra - Studio 4C x Ken Ishii
The video "Extra" by Ken Ishii of '95 won MTV's Dance Video Of The
Year and made this artist known truly worldwide. After 12 years this
legendary team Ken Ishii & Studio 4 will get together for a miracle
revival in Tokyo. This party celebrates the release of Studio 4's
latest animation film "Genius Party".

AIR Tokyo :

Ken Ishii Live @ Monegros Desert Festival
Ken plays live for the first time in six years outside Japan! On the
7th of July at "Monegros", one of the beggest dance festivals in


SUNRISER with PLAY PAUSE AND PLAY - European Double Edition
The album SUNRISER is released on 24 April 2007 in Europe, coupling
with Ken's Japan only released mix album "PLAY PAUSE AND PLAY - PLAY
CD." An exclusive track "H.S.K.T." is also included. On E-BEAT / PIAS.

E-BEAT (Ozore Age Records) :

"Organised Green" 12" by Ken Ishii feat. Fabrice Lig
A single cut from the album "SUNRISER" is released on 70 Drums in February.
Coupling with a supurb remix by Sapporo based 7th Gate who co-produced the album's title track with Ken.

Chobi Rich feat. Shongo Yamashiro & Ken Ishii
K.I. produces music and directs visuals for a viral CM of Japanese web
shopping point site "Chobi Rich."


1st November 2006 On Sale (Now Japan Only)

Special Website >> Sunriser | KEN ISHII

Collaboration of Visuals & Music
by VJK and Ken Ishii at Van Gogh Museum.
VJK aka Kaoru Yamamoto (Japan) and Ken Ishii (Japan)
have received a commission to perform at the Van Gogh
Museum for the closing event of their three ands halfmonth
long exhivition entitled "The Japanese Season " (7 July
through 22 October).

date / place >> flyer
info >> Van Gogh museum
preview >> VJK

WIRE06 Compilation
New and unreleased track gMagnesium 402 mgh to be included on WIRE06
Compilation CD. On Ki/oon.

KEN ISHII's new song "Sunriser"
iTunes Free Download one week only (from 2nd Aug.)

This is a gift from iTunes music store to all music lovers that includes downloads like the world premiere of Beck's new film "Nausea" and Ken Ishii's new song "Sunriser".

Other downloads include new songs from Ganga Zumba, Hifana and the theme song from iManga by Simon Le Bon (vocalist for Duran Duran) and Nick Wood.

These downloads are available to all iTunes users but for one week only (from 2nd Aug.) !!
Don't sleep on this one!!  (available in Japan only)

"Vale Tudo / Tudo Vale" - KI vs Anderson Noise
A collaboration 12", titled "Vale Tudo / Tudo Vale," raised from the success of the Brazilian joint tour with Anderson Noise earlier this year. To be released in May on Anderson Noises's Noise Music.
Emergency Exit 3
The third 12" from FLR's "Emergency Exit" series to be released in December. On Reel Musiq.
Release Info "PLAY, PAUSE AND PLAY (2CD)"
A double mix album to be released in Japan on 28 September. PLAY CD, the extracts from Ken's DJ sets coupling with PAUSE CD with his home listening favourites from various styles of electronic music.



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